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SA Auction Group was established in 2009. The creation of this dynamic company arose from a need we saw in the industry for an auction house that understands and can accommodate the client and each of their individual needs. Under the management of the company's Managing Director Rudi Herbst, his professional and passionate team with their knowledge in the auctions field has built a company that many corporate entities have come to rely on to turn their assets into capital. No auction is too big or too small for us to handle, and with a wide network of national as well as international buyers we can ensure you that the highest possible prices will be achieved at every auction. South African auctions have now reached super status. Our Online Auction platform serves a world of benefits. This is how we operate when it comes to our professional online auctions:



SA Group offers our client the complete range of services including the auctioning of commodities, commercial development and properties, residential properties as well as industrial machinery and transport. Our goal is simple: relieve clients of their unwanted assets and search for willing, able buyers.
Representing the buyer and the seller we provide support for all parties concerned. We are committed to our clients who are at the core of our business. We take great pride in the excellent service we deliver through our respected, professional and passionate team.  SA Group goes beyond the traditional framework of auctioning by providing pre- and post sales support as well as consultations throughout the whole process.

As a national company that is well connected, each auction is guaranteed to have multiple potential buyers in attendance. Our people are specialists in their fields so when dealing with
us there will always be someone available to assist in whichever aspect of the process you may need assistance with, this ensures that all matters are dealt with promptly and properly ensuring that none of your time is wasted.  We are firm believers in marketing, making use of the best publications available, as well as multimedia (our website as well as internet advertising) to run a comprehensive marketing campaign for each auction held, making sure that buyers in every sector are reached at no extra cost to you, our valued client.
Because of the systems we have put in place, payment to you can be made promptly after the auction, ranging from between 7 and 21 days making use of an electronic payment system cutting your costs even further making  your decision to use us as your auctioneers a wise choice indeed. Whatever your disposable assets may be, SA Group can guarantee a once in a lifetime auction experience for you with the profits to remember it by.

The success of our auctions we owe entirely to our auctioneers who all share the same characteristics:
  • In depth knowledge of the product, commodities or property they auction.
  • An understanding of the buyers through the gathering of vital information before each auction.
  • The sense to attract attention to each sale.
  • Dedication to achieving the best prices on each item sold.
  • Professional, code-honoring conduct at all times.
SA Auction Group will meet with you, appraise the assets you would like to sell at auction and draw up a proposal in accordance with your needs outlining the costs involved, the time and date as well as the location and venue that best suits your needs. We place high importance on client satisfaction. We are registered auctioneers & a real estate service provider.  With branches in Gauteng and Bloemfontein, SA Group can consult with you in convenience regarding any auctions to be hosted.


SA Group values are the platform on which we operate and grow.  We aim to supply a trustworthy service based on sound business principles, backed by a strong code of ethics.
  • We are constantly working to better ourselves.
  • We are unwavering in our work ethic, professionalism, integrity and honesty.
  • We exist for and because of our clients.
  • We achieve because we work as a team.
  • We have an attitude that says: YES!


To continue to strive to provide a professional, hard hitting, power selling service through implementing our passion for our industry to ensure clients benefit by receiving the highest cash return for their property and loose assets. To invest our high profile experience plus understanding of the impact and importance of continued ethical & professional business conduct into each client's transaction in order to facilitate excellent service delivery beneficial to all parties concerned.


Since the company's inception in 2009 SA Group has successfully sold a large number of various properties across the country. Ranging from commercial properties, estates, residential homes, townhouses, apartments & development ground. Market related prices were achieved at every auction for every property. This is worth mentioning when you consider the current property market. One of our qualified team members will meet with you, do a valuation & supply you with expert advice set out in a formal proposal on the best route to consider when you need to sell property.  Whether you are a private seller, corporate entity or liquidator you can rely on SA Group to dispose of your property in a quick, professional & effective manner.



SA Group's Agriculture Division consists of a team of very dynamic agents dedicated solely to the marketing of farming land, small holdings, agricultural equipment & implements. 
With years of experience in their individual fields of specialization, there is no one better to assist you in the disposal of assets pertaining to agriculture. SA Group's agriculture auctions are hugely successful and many farmers nationwide have come to rely on us to sell their farms by means of auction.


  • SA Group is proud to be associated with SAIA & the Estate Agency board of South Africa.
  • All transactions, contracts & services provided are in accordance with professional affiliation standards.
  • Financial management in alliance with professional auditing & legal service providers.
  • Staff development and training focuses on empowering individuals with new skills and career growth and development.


We offer our clients the option to sell their assets out of hand through our trading expertise and extensive business network.  We can give you the opportunity to sell your properties and assets without going to auction, should this suit your needs better.  We are indeed the auctioneers of choice.